Product Care


  Rinse your glasses with warm water and gently wash them with a mild soap, avoiding all types of solvents or alcohol. Dry them using a clean, soft cloth. You can also clean them with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution specifically for eyewear lenses. Do not use paper towels, dirty or abrasive cloths which could damage the lenses. Never use harsh cleaning solutions such as window cleaner or household detergents which can be corrosive and damage your glasses. 

Do's & Don'ts

  Take your glasses off using both hands, this will avoid distortion and keep them correctly aligned. Removing them with one hand will loosen them over time. Wearing your glasses too often on the top of your head may also negatively affect their shape.  Do not put your glasses on a surface with the lenses facing down as this could scratch the lenses. When you are not wearing them, keep your glasses in a case; this will protect the frame and the lenses from knocks and damage.  Do not leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car, or anywhere else that will expose them to very high temperatures, which could damage the coatings or distort the plastic frame.